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11g R2 RAC on Oracle Linux 5.4


10g R2 RAC on Oracle Linux  on Oracle Linux

在Oracle RAC 上手动打11.补丁




查阅README.html,按照“You must use the OPatch utility version or later to apply this patch. Oracle recommends that you use the latest released OPatch for 11.2 releases,”

检查$ opatch version,如果无法满足上述要求,则参考Use OPatch to install a patch,安装最新的OPatch工具。



2:给GI HOME打补丁

AIX上: su – root;  slibclean   #清理slib,否则可能无法打上补丁


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Use OPatch to install a patch

#本篇文章属于Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Master–Exam Topics
#Server Configuration —-Use OPatch to install a patch部分



这里就不多做介绍,Oracle的中文技术支持博客上有一篇Oracle补丁术语介绍的文章已经写的很详细。或者可以看【转Oracle补丁】老托的Oracle 数据库Patch概念性小常识


Oracle的补丁可以通过Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets [ID 1454618.1]和Oracle Recommended Patches — Oracle Database [ID 756671.1]来获得补丁。也可以通过查询补丁号获得补丁。


从11.2.0.2以后,对于每个RAC及任何安装grid的数据库,强烈要求使用Grid Infrastructure Patch Set Update(即称GI PSU)。GI PSU中不仅仅有GI的PSU,也包括了DB的PSU。而且有的Bug既需要在GI中修复,也需要在DB中修复。


OPatch is Oracle’s only supported method of installing interim patches. It updates
the central and per-product inventories with the details of the patch.

在打patch之前,推荐下载最新的补丁安装工具opatch :

$ <ORACLE_HOME>/OPatch/opatch version





注意:不管grid还是oracle用户,都必须要单独更新。且注意可能会出现Permission denied,检查权限,复权775


11g R2

在Oracle RAC 上手动打11.补丁

在Oracle RAC上自动打11.补丁

Oracle RAC升级到11.2.0.3



Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Master–Exam Topics

今年的主要目标是11g OCM,以下内容来自Oracle官方的11g OCM Exam Topics,准备按照考试提纲全部做一遍。

更多详细资料查阅:Oracle Database 11g Certified Master Exam

Server Configuration

  • Create the database
  • Determine and set sizing parameters for database structures
  • Create and manage temporary, permanent, and undo tablespaces
  • Stripe data files across multiple physical devices and locations
  • Configure the database environment to support optimal data access performance
  • Create and manage database configuration files
  • Create and manage bigfile tablespaces
  • Create and Manage a tablespace that uses NFS mounted file system file
  • Create and manage multiple network configuration files
  • Create and configure a listener
  • Configure the database instance to support shared server connections
  • Set up network tracing
  • Manage Oracle network processes
  • Configure the network environment to allow connections to multiple databases
  • Use configurationless connections
  • Use OPatch to install a patch
  • Use Grid Infrastructure to manage oracle databases and other resources
  • Use Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant(EMCA) utility

Enterprise Manager Grid Control

  • Install and Patch Enterprise Manager Grid Control software
  • Configure the Enterprise Manager repository
  • Create Enterprise Manager Grid Control users
  • Use Enterprise Manager to modify a database configuration
  • Configure Enterprise Manager to modify database availability
  • Create and manage jobs
  • Create and monitor alerts
  • Create notifications
  • Implement Grid Control and Database Control
  • Choose the appropriate tablespace type for the intended use
  • Create Scheduler jobs
  • Create schedules
  • Assign jobs to windows
  • Create programs
  • Create job classes
  • Install the Enterprise Manager Grid Control infrastructure
  • Deploy Enterprise Manager Grid Control agents
  • Configure Grid Control for business requirements

Managing Database Availability

  • Mantain recovery catalogs
  • Configure Recovery Manager
  • Use Recovery Manager to perform database backups
  • Use Recover Manager to perform complete database restore and recovery operations
  • Configure RMAN
  • Create different types of RMAN backups to cater for different performance and retention requirements
  • Set Flashback Database parameters
  • Configure a Fast Recovery Area
  • Perform various recovery operations using Flashback technology

Data Management

  • Manage Materialized Views to improve rewrite and refresh performance
  • Configure and manage distributed materialized views
  • Create and Manage encrypted tablespaces
  • Manage Transport of tablespaces across platforms
  • Configure a schema to support a star transformation query
  • Administer external tables
  • Implement Data Pump export and import jobs for data transfer
  • Implement Data Pump to and from remote databases
  • Configure and use parallel execution for queries
  • Use SQL*Loader
  • Administer, manage and tune parallel execution

Data Warehouse Management

  • Administer partitioned tables and indexes using appropriate methods and keys
  • Perform partition maintenance operations
  • Maintain indexes on a pa rtitioned table
  • Implement securefile LOB
  • Create and manage LOB segments
  • Implement fine-grained access control
  • Create and manage contexts
  • Administer flashback data archive and schema evolution
Performance Management
  • Administer Resource Manager
  • Use Result Cache
  • Use multi column statistics
  • Gather statistics on a specific table without invalidating cursors
  • Use partitioned indexes
  • Administer and tune schema object to support various access methods
  • Interpret execution plan
  • Use SQL tuning tools and features
  • Use SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Use SQL Access Advisor
  • Use SQL Performance Analyzer
  • Configure baseline templates
  • Use SQL Plan Management feature
  • Implement instance caging
Grid Infrastructure and ASM
  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Create ASM Disk Groups
  • Create and manage as ASM instance
  • Implement ASM failure groups
  • Creating ACFS File System
  • Start, stop, configure and administer Oracle Grid Infrastructure
Real Application Clusters
Data Guard
  • Create Physical Standby Database with real-time apply.
  • Configure the data guard environment to reduce overheads of fast incremental backups on the primary database
  • Configure the Observer
  • Switchover and switch back
  • Configure connect time failover
  • Convert the standby to a snapshot standby
  • Configure archivelog deletion policy for the Dataguard configuration